About Me

Clare Scott, Mrs Average, Average and ProudHello and welcome to Average and Proud

I'm Clare. You possibly know me as Mrs Average.    

At the last count, I had one husband (Mr Average), 2.4 kids (the .4 being the cat and the rabbit) and something that masquerades as a part-time career in communications and copywriting.

Our average comings and goings take place in a chilly but beautiful corner of north-east Scotland.

When I'm not moaning on Facebook about how cold I am, I actually quite enjoy living here.  Regular readers (I'm certain there are at least two)  will know that I even force myself out for *frequent* running expeditions.  I congratulate myself afterwards by consuming vast quantities of chai lattes.

So what can you expect from Average and Proud? Well, there's laughter (normally at my expense), tears (hopefully not of boredom) and lots of pretty normal stuff in between.

If you're popping by for the first time, why not check out some of the posts below?  Meanwhile, thanks for visiting.


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  1. Ohhh I have read few of your post and they are quite good! Looking foward to reading some more and knowing you some more. #pocolo

  2. Thanks so much! Please keep reading and I'll try my best to keep writing :-)