Friday 3 January 2014

Resolving to keep it simple

Happy New Year one and all!  The festive season is, as ever, over in a flash and suddenly we are surrounded by 'New Year, New You' advertisements and shops stuffed with low fat ready meals and fitness equipment.
By now, most of you have probably been asked whether you've made any New Year's resolutions.  Hmmmm. While I agree that it's great to set goals and challenge yourself, I'm not quite sure that I'm a fan of the New Year's resolution.  After all, the short grey days of January are often among the toughest to start some ambitious new exercise regime or to decide that you're going to give up chocolate forever (as if!).
I do, however, like the feeling of looking forward that goes hand in hand with the hanging of a brand new calendar on the kitchen wall.  I enjoy mulling over where we might spend our next holiday, what kind of new activities I want to try, which new books I'd love to read or even (yikes!) how I might manage our family's budget a little better.  After the downtime of the holidays, I've even found that some new ideas have popped into my mind, unbidden, for a few of my current work projects.
In terms of turning my family, social and work ideas into reality, my starting point will be to write them all down.  I do love a good list! The next stage will probably involve research and discussion with the others involved - hubby/children/colleagues/clients. If the idea is deemed a "goer" then the real plan-hatching and implementation can commence.

Above all, however, my ideas are just that - ideas.  They are not set in stone and there will be no self-flagellation if they don't work out.  Resolutions dumbed down? Perhaps.  But if there's real intent behind them, they may well prove just as effective, if not more.

Here's to a great 2014!

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